10 Things I'm Not Buying in 2021 | minimalism, saving money & becoming debt free in 2021 ????

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Today I’m sharing 10 things I’m cutting from my budget in an effort to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle, and to get myself out of debt a little faster.

What have you stopped buying to save money or live more minimally?

#thingsistoppedbuying #minimalism #debtfreejourney

PS - I noticed I mention my 2021 Goals in this video - my 2021 Goals & Intentions will be live on Sunday, so hopefully it comes together more clearly! lol

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I'm Christina, friendly neighbourhood human on the internet slash pharmacist, hence the "apothecary" theme in my name. I'm living in Toronto, Canada and on my channel you'll find me on my journey towards minimalism, being content with less, recovery from a shopping addiction, and my journey towards financial freedom from over $120,000 in student loan debt. Thank you SO much for watching and taking the time out of your day to support my channel. A little thumb always helps support me!
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