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Hi everybody! ???? Just wanted to share this studio vlog last year (September 2020) when we were packing Halloween rewards for Rainbowholic Patreon. This was the last “studio vlog” in this old apartment space before we moved our office to a bigger one (house version). Watch until the end for a quick tour! ????

Big thanks to all of our previous and current patrons for all the help / support you’ve graciously given us! It started with just me, then me & Aki, then add Julie. And now, we have 3+ part-timers working with us. Thank you to our teammates Julie (the first ever), Mr. Anonymous, & Karisa for being part of Rainbowholic’s 2020 business journey! During this time, we had only 400 patrons. Now (2021), we have over 500 patrons.

To those who always ask me about my work here in Japan, this is my other work besides making YouTube videos hehe~

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