New Bookshelf Set-up & Organization | RABBIT FRIENDLY APARTMENT TOUR

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Hi nerds! I got some small new shelves and decided to show you some of my progress with setting them up. I know the values and priorities I am exhibiting in this video are very different than my zero waste journey lifestyle and I would like to ask you to be kind to me and give me some wiggle room. I know this doesn't ethically line up with what I believe and it's difficult to put content out there with the thought that this might inspire you to buy and consume and want MORE when that is the opposite of what I actually want. So please see me as a person who is trying their best and don't get "inspired" to give in to the consumerist/capitalist ideals. Watch this for what it is, think for yourself, and take responsibility for your own actions, by doing better than what I am here. Thank you!

00:00 - Intro
02:42 - Setting up, Unboxing
04:45 - Organizing books
05:28 - Fixing bunny fence
09:36 - Installing Ruby
11:01 - Updated thoughts
12:57 - Building Bookshelf
14:08 - Filling Shelves
14:49 - Frankenstein Shelf Organizing
16:07 - Apartment Tour!!
19:54 - How I organized the new shelves

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